WDI's (Termite) Inspection:       $75.00    

We offer "termite" inspections that can be performed at the time of your home inspection. This will be performed by our staff or by a licensed termite inspector.


Call for pricing as each home has different features

Property Evaluations:                $175.00

We also do what we describe as a property evaluation. This is much the same as a Whole Home Inspection except we only cover the major systems of the house i.e. the foundation, roof, HVAC, water heater and utilities. This is a less expensive inspection than a Whole Home Inspection, and a much less intensive evaluation.

Radon Tests:                             $100.00

We use Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors to take samples over a 48 hour period. Those results are averaged and submitted to you in a report.

Whole House Inspections:    Home Dependent call or text for quote

The Whole House Inspection is a visual evaluation of everything associated with the house. This includes the foundation, attic, ventilation, HVAC, water heater, plumbing, utilities, and structure. Our intent is to determine that everything is functioning as it should at the time of the inspection.